Remembering André Courrèges, The Master of Space-Age Couture: A Look Back

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Couture Astranaut: Fashion designer André Courrèges (1923-2015)

Fashion designer André Courrèges passed away yesterday at the age of 92
after a long battle with Parkinson's Disease. Courrèges worked under
Cristobal Balenciaga until 1961, when he launched his Maison de la Haute
Couture. He met his wife, Coqueline, while at Balenciaga. Together with his
contemporaries, Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne, he became famous for his
Futurist designs that revolutionized fashion during the 1960's.

Boxy, A-Line...Ankle Boots! 60's Modernistic Couture from André Courrèges

Spage-Age 1960's: Fashion designer André Courrèges with his designs

Courrèges was most know for his Modernist "Space-Age" styles.
He redefined the silhouettes and styles from what was then, rather
strict lady-like shapes. He was known for peek-a-boo dresses, miniskirts (André Courrèges
 is widely credited as inventing the mini, even though some would dispute
this and give credit to British designer Mary Quant), jumpsuits, and what
would become iconic accessories such as flat ankle boots and bug-eye
"Space" sunglasses. He loved using unusual materials such as PVC
and plastic as well as favored the A-line shape, saying that he wanted clothes
to "float". 

Onesie Gals: Colorful ribbed Knit with white fur onsesie looks from André Courrèges

He celebrated the moon landing by designing a onesie. Oh,
and it was mirrored! Courrèges could often be seen wearing get-ups
like Mylar jumpsuits and shiny white go-go boots (naturally!). NASA even
brought him in to visit mission control at Cape Canavaral, probably a first for
a fashion designer.

My Space-Age Homme Muse: Designer André Courrèges

Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Betsy Bloomingdale, Jacqueline Kennedy as well as her sister Lee Radziwill, among others were devotees of his fashion-forward designs:

 Audrey Hepburn (above)--from a shot of the 1966 film "How to Steal a Million"

Socialite Lee Radziwill in André Courrèges Haute Couture--Dress and jacket made of plastic and fur, which she gifted to the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City

 Yellow coat from André Courrèges 1968 Collection--worn by Mrs. Alfred Bloomingdale (Betsy Bloomingdale)--The suit is entirely made by hand, exclusively using french seams throughout the coat and features varnished leather buttons. It was gifted to the FIDM Museum & Galleries

Photos courtesy of FIDM Museum

In the ’90s,
he left his label to become a painter and sculptor, and his wife and longtime
collaborator Coqueline took over design duties at the house. Since then, the
House of Courrèges has changed
owners and designers; the latest of which seem to be inclined to follow the
designer's original Futuristic directive.

Here are more of André Courrèges' fabulous designs that shook the fashion world:

Onesies, Minis, Flat Boots, Scalloped Details

Looks from André Courrèges

A-Line Couture--André Courrèges

The Courrèges fashion brigade--models in André Courrèges designs

Adieu. RIP André Courrèges.

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