Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NICK HOSTS....."The Makeup Date" Bloomingdale's Beverly Center Event Hosted by Nick Verreos: Photo Blog Recap!

 Bloomingdale's Beverly Center "The Makeup Date" Fall 2015 Event Hosted by Nick Verreos

In one of my most recent posts HERE, I RECAP'ed "The Makeup Date" event I hosted for Bloomingdale's Glendale Galleria...and now it's time for Bloomingdale's Beverly Center "The Makeup Date". I had SOOOO much fun hosting this event. Here is my Blog Photo Recap of all the Makeup, Beauty and Skincare Bloomingdale's fun...Demo's, Giveaways, Meet-&-Greet and More!

 Ready to Host: Nick Verreos Hosts "The Makeup Date" Fall 2015 Bloomingdale's Beverly Center

 Nick Verreos and model Kelli--"The Makeup Date" Fall 2015 Event Bloomingdale's Beverly Center

Event Fab: Nick Verreos Hosts "The Makeup Date", Bloomingdale's Beverly Center

Kiehls Demo by Lauren Barnes--"The Makeup Date" Bloomingdale's Beverly Center

 Demo Collage--Photos from Beauty/Makeup/Skincare/Fragrance demos at "The Makeup Date" event Bloomingdale's Beverly Center including Diana Patino of Sisley (top left); Esther Crosthwaite with Bobbi Brown (top right), Jake Johnson with Estee Lauder (middle left), Lauren Barnes with Kiehls (middle right); and Andy Bowlan with Jo Malone (lower photo)

 Snapping and Shimmying: Photos during the Lancome Demo with the FABULOUS Rodolfo Nimis--"The Makeup Date" Bloomingdale's Beverly Center

 Raffle Time: Nick Verreos with model Kelli (top) and Dior's Demo Rep Nicole Cavalier--"The Makeup Date" Bloomingdale's Beverly Center

Post-show Cosmetics: Scenes from the Bloomingdale's Cosmetics Department, "The Makeup Date" Bloomingdale's Beverly Center 

 Meet & Greet: Nick Verreos with guests--and (probably) his youngest fan---"The Makeup Date" Bloomingdale's Beverly Center

 Thank You to EVERYONE who attended this past weekend's "The Makeup Date" event that I hosted at the Beverly Center's Bloomingdale's! Hope you enjoyed it XOXO

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